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Education DefinitionNIRS Education focuses on disseminating our research findings. We also develop educational materials as a resource for interested parties. 

In 2014, NIRS and NRTA: AARP's Educator Community developed the Pension Education Toolkit.  This is a useful tool for the public and policymakers to understand a full range of issues related to pensions.  Learn more about the toolkit here.

In January 2010, NIRS released “The Public Pension Resource Guide.”

The Guide is comprised of the following educational materials:

  • Public Pension Basics presents key facts about how pensions work—how benefits are earned, how pensions are funded, and how investment decisions are made. Download full text here. Fact sheet here.
  • Why Pensions Matter discusses the characteristics of pension plans that make them attractive to employees, employers, taxpayers, and the broader economy. Download full text here. Fact sheet here.
  • Strong Public Pensions for Today and Tomorrow identifies practices that can enhance the long-term sustainability of public pension plans through the integration of funding, investment, and benefit policies. Download full text here. Fact sheet here.
  • Pension Primer provides a basic overview of pensions. Download the primer here.
  • Pensions by the Numbers and Who Has a Pension Fact Sheets provide information about the role of pensions in providing retirement readiness. Download "Pensions by the Numbers" here and "Who Has a Pension" here
  • Glossary of Key Pension Terms
  • PowerPoint
  • Frequently Asked Questions