“The idea of retiring early doesn’t hold allure for everyone — especially, perhaps, when you’re a real-life special agent for the federal government.

Ninja, a 30-year-old Seattle native who blogs under this alias at PunchDebtInTheFace.com, already has a solid work-life balance. Plus, sitting at home is a pretty boring, low-adrenaline alternative to doing top-secret investigative work.

But one day he ran the numbers, just to see. It turns out that based on his family’s current saving and spending habits, he could probably retire at the early age of 45.

“I hadn’t had early retirement ambitions but within the last year I’ve had a handful of conversations with my wife,” says Ninja. The way he sees it, a true early retirement doesn’t have much appeal. However, he’s already an active volunteer with Christian youth ministryYoung Life , and it occurred to him that at some point he might want to work full-time with the organization.” -Forbes

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