Research January 2019

Teacher Pensions vs. 401(k)s in Six States: Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri and Texas

A new report finds that teacher pension plans play a critical role in retaining educators while also providing greater retirement security than 401(k)-style retirement accounts. Eight out of ten educators serving in the six states studied can expect to collect pension benefits that are greater in value than what they could receive under an idealized […]

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Press Release February 26, 2019

Despite Political Polarization, Dems and GOP United in Concern About U.S. Retirement Crisis

DESPITE POLITICAL POLARIZATION, DEMOCRATS, REPUBLICANS AND INDEPENDENTS UNITED IN CONCERN ABOUT U.S. RETIREMENT CRISIS  Majority of Americans Say They Can’t Achieve Financial Security in Retirement and New Tax Law Isn’t Helping; Millennials Most Pessimistic But Most Willing to Save More  Findings Released During Live Webcast of 10th Annual Retirement Conference WASHINGTON, D.C., February 26, 2019 […]

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In the News

Watch NIRS on CNBC

Diane Oakley, NIRS executive director, discuss NIRS latest research report on the struggles facing Millennials in saving for retirement. She says that a big part of the problem is that many Millennials are not eligible to save in their workplace retirement plans. Watch the full interview here:

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American Families Deserve a Serious Policy Debate on Retirement Security

With the debate on tax reform in full swing in Congress, tax incentives for savings appear to have avoided the chopping block. Yet, while sparing them doesn’t make it harder for American families to save for retirement, it doesn’t make it any easier either.

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