Research May 2020

Still Shortchanged: An Update on Women’s Retirement Preparedness

While most Americans are struggling to save for retirement, women face even higher hurdles, largely stemming from the gender pay gap that eventually becomes a retirement wealth gap. Older women receive about 80 percent of the retirement income older men receive, a disparity that mirrors the gender pay gap. Still Shortchanged: An Update on Women’s […]

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Press Release May 7, 2020

Gender Pay Gap Persists Into Retirement

NEW REPORT: GENDER PAY GAP PERSISTS INTO RETIREMENT Older Women Receive About 80% of Retirement Income That Older Men Receive, Mirroring the Gender Pay Gap   Caregiving Has Highly Detrimental Impact on Women’s Retirement Preparedness While Divorce Presents Complex Issues for Retirement Savings Webinar on May 12th to Review Findings WASHINGTON, D.C., May 7, 2020 […]

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In the News

The Tough Retirement Challenges of Rural Americans

Next Avenue reports: The report emphasizes how important public pension dollars are to rural areas. In fact, the researchers said, public pensions are one of the few available incentives to attract and keep public workers in rural communities. In much of rural America, the largest employers are public entities, such as a school district. The […]

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NIRS Rebuts New York Times on Public Pensions

NIRS says that calling retirement plans serving 25 million working and retired public employees "time bombs" borders on journalistic malpractice.

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