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Date: July, 2008

  • In the NewsJuly 14, 2008

    Congress Told Schemes Good for Economy

    Global Pensions, July 14, 2008 in an article about the July 10th Joint Economic Committee hearing, NIRS comments on the economic importance of pensions.  “Pensions are much more than the cornerstone of retirement security. The assets held by pension funds make a significant contribution to the economy and provide capital to create new businesses and jobs.  This aspect of […]

  • In the NewsJuly 11, 2008

    Public Pensions Getting it Right, Speakers Tell Senate Committe Hearing

    Bureau of National Affairs, Pension & Benefits Daily, July 11, 2008 Read PDF here Public pension plans are “getting it right,” so the federal government does not need to get involved, speakers told a hearing of the Joint Economic Committee July 10. In addition, they suggested, public plans should be used as a model for the private sector.  […]

  • In the NewsJuly 10, 2008

    Senator Seeks Some Ideas to Save DB Plans

    Pensions & Investments, July 10, 2008 In article published regarding a Congressional hearing on pensions, Sen. Robert Casey, D-Pa., expressed concern that the shift to defined contribution plans from defined benefit plans is adding “substantially to the risk we are asking ordinary Americans to take.”  Read the full article at Pensions & Investments.  (Subscription required)

  • In the NewsJuly 2, 2008

    Ruined by 401(k) Predators

    Business Week, July 2, 2008 An article in the Annual Retirement Guide mentions NIRS first Issue Brief.  “A May study by the research group National Institute on Retirement Security found that about one in three households approaching retirement is at risk of running out of money.” Read the full article at Business Week.