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Date: September, 2009

  • In the NewsSeptember 22, 2009

    Local Govt Seeks Ways to Make Pension Costs Manageable, September 22, 2009 — Public pensions were good shape before the financial crisis hit. In the wake of the market downturn, state and local officials are examining their plans to ensure continued sustainability for the next 50 years. Beth Almeida, NIRS executive director says that public pensions were “in really good shape” before the crisis […]

  • In the NewsSeptember 16, 2009

    Defined Benefit Plans Have Been Reliable

    Columbus Dispatch, September 16, 2009 —  A letter to the editor cites NIRS research indicating that defined-benefit-pension income reduces the risk of poverty and hardship among older Americans. The Pension Factor notes that pension income resulted in a savings of $7.3 billion in public-assistance expenditures and 4.7 million fewer households in poverty or near poverty in 2006 in […]

  • In the NewsSeptember 1, 2009

    Public Pensions Focus on Reforms to Promote Sustainability

    Dow Jones Newswires, September 1, 2009 — Pensions in states including Ohio, Nevada, Kentucky and New Mexico are considering or have already instituted new rules for public employees’ retirement plans, and more are expected. For police, firefighter and teachers, it’s in residents’ best interests to reduce employee turnover through traditional pensions, say Aon actuary William Fornia. […]