January 8, 2010 — The Washington Post publishes NIRS letter to the editor.  The letter says that the front page told the sobering story of a “lost decade” during which America’s middle class saw no real gains in jobs, income, or net worth.

But the editorial page implied that some members of the middle class have it too good – namely folks who teach our kids, keep our streets safe, and provide other public services.

Characterizing retirement benefits that average just $1,470 per month “generous,” the editorial made no mention of the fact that public employees typically contribute a significant chunk of every paycheck to their pensions, sharing in the responsibility of financing their modest benefits. The Post editors also ignored that large numbers of these employees are ineligible for Social Security. In other words, that $1,470 pension check may be the only source of income in old age for a retired firefighter, social worker, or school librarian.

Read the full published letter to the editor here .