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Date: January, 2014

  • In the NewsJanuary 31, 2014

    NIRS Discusses Retirement Proposals

    It was a busy week in Washington on retirement. Diane Oakley discusses new proposals from President Obama and Senator Harkin on C-SPAN’s Washington Journal. Watch the full interview here.

  • In the NewsJanuary 22, 2014

    California Pension Cutters Bet Against Prosperity

    “Last week’s announcements about 2013 earnings by California’s largest public pension funds suggest the agencies may be making significant progress in shaking off the lingering after-effects of the 2008 stock market crash. The California Public Employees’ Retirement System (CalPERS) said it rode a 25 percent run-up in stock prices to post a 16.2 percent gain for its […]

  • In the NewsJanuary 3, 2014

    World Faces Retirement Crisis In Wake Of Great Recession

    “A global retirement crisis is bearing down on workers of all ages. Spawned years before the Great Recession and the 2008 financial meltdown, the crisis was significantly worsened by those twin traumas. The crisis will play out for decades, and its consequences will be far-reaching. Many people will be forced to work well past the […]

  • In the NewsJanuary 2, 2014

    CSPAN: Can Americans Retire?

    Is retirement out of reach?  Diane Oakley discusses the retirement savings shortfall on CSPAN’s Washington Journal. NIRS research finds retirement savings are dangerously low, and the U.S. retirement savings deficit is between $6.8 and $14.0 trillion. Watch the full interview here.