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Date: January, 2016

  • In the NewsJanuary 26, 2016

    Obama to Propose Expanding Retirement Plans

    “Changes that President Obama will propose to employer-sponsored retirement plans could help 30 million American workers have access to retirement savings, the White House said Monday.” Read the article here.

  • In the NewsJanuary 12, 2016

    Time to reflect on the administration’s accomplishments

    “We face an urgent retirement security crisis. According to the National Institute on Retirement Security, the median retirement savings of all working households is only $2,500; $14,500 for households headed by a 55- to 64-year-old worker. Social Security, the bedrock of retirement income, must be protected and expanded.” Read the article.

  • In the NewsJanuary 1, 2016

    A Smarter Plan to Make Retirement Savings Last

    “Last month, President Obama inaugurated yet another way to encourage Americans to save for retirement. In the new myRA accounts, workers can save up to $15,000 in a low-fee investment plan that, like a government savings bond, guarantees the principal. The accounts are a small step toward helping households save, but they are not an […]