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Date: March, 2016

  • In the NewsMarch 30, 2016

    7 Things Women Should Do With Their Money To Counteract The Wage Gap

    “If you take the numbers at face value, it may seem like the wage gap between women and men isn’t as big of a deal as it used to be. A recent report from The American Association of University Women found that in 2014, American women who worked full time made only 79% of what men made. […]

  • In the NewsMarch 29, 2016

    A Universal 401(k)? California Considers a Radical Proposal To Help Workers Save

    “California thinks it has a solution to Americans’ woeful preparation for retirement: a near-universal 401(k) plan. The state legislature on Monday received recommendations from a state board related to the creation of the California Secure Choice Retirement Plan—in essence a 401(k) plan operated by the state that’s available to private-sector employees whose employers don’t provide […]

  • In the NewsMarch 21, 2016

    Retirement May Be Dicey For Single Women

    “All the Single Ladies, All the Single Ladies: Start planning now for your financial future! A much-anticipated report released Tuesday shows the roughly 55 million single women in the U.S. are in a far more precarious position than married women – as well as all men – when it comes to retirement savings. As a […]

  • In the NewsMarch 3, 2016

    Retirement Crisis: Are We There Yet?

    “A flurry of studies out in recent days reveal a dramatic split between pre-retirees (nervous, not planning enough, eager for help from their employers) and the retired (things are fabulous for us, mostly). “It’s a story of two retirements,” said Marcy Keckler, vice president of financial advice strategy at Ameriprise, whose firm released the research […]

  • In the NewsMarch 2, 2016

    Older Women 80% More Likely Than Men to Be Impoverished

    “Women must stretch fewer dollars over more years than men, leaving them 80% more likely to wind up in poverty at age 65 and older, according to a report released Tuesdayby the National Institute on Retirement Security. Some 9% of U.S. women age 65 and older — and 5% of men — live at or […]

  • In the NewsMarch 2, 2016

    Trump, Joe College and Joe Six Pack

    “The broad-based income inequality of the ‘80s and much of the ‘90s, when a shortage of skilled labor drove up white-collar wages, gave way to the more cartoonish income inequality of the 21st century, defined by the outsized income share enjoyed by the top one percent. Nowadays you can experience economic resentment all the way […]

  • In the NewsMarch 2, 2016

    Women 80 Percent More Likely to Face Poverty in Retirement

    “A report from the National Institute on Retirement Security, “Shortchanged in Retirement, The Continuing Challenges to Women’s Financial Future,” found that, among other bad news for women, they have substantially less income during retirement than men do—and that cuts across all age groups.” Read the article.