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Date: May, 2016

  • In the NewsMay 19, 2016

    Column: How To Get the Most From Social Security’s Survivor Benefit

    “The survivor benefit is one of the best illustrations of how Social Security really is “social insurance.” Payroll taxes paid into the program buy income protection for your spouse in case of your death – somewhat like life insurance. And survivor benefits are not limited to spouses. In some cases, surviving children who are unmarried […]

  • In the NewsMay 18, 2016

    Retirement: Do the Math On Retirement Income

    “Couples nearing retirement have to make key decisions about where and how to live, as well as how to ensure that any pension or annuity payments go to the survivor and how to maximize Social Security for both when one spouse is the bigger earner. If you anticipate a retirement-income shortfall, working longer is often […]