“If you have ever had anxiety about retiring, you are definitely not the only one as a new retirement study shows many Coloradans are concerned for their future.

A report conducted by the National Institute on Retirement Security shows many Coloradans see a rocky road to retirement.
82% of Coloradans believe the nation faces a retirement crisis, with older and younger employees expressing equal concern.  72% of Coloradans believe that economic conditions are impacting their ability to achieve a secure retirement.
Local retirement planners are not surprised by this number and believe it’s not just Colorado thinking about the issue.
 “As Coloradans we are pretty consistent across the country maybe a few percentage points difference but this is a universal concern not just a Colorado concern,” said Barbara Traylor Smith, President of Retirement Outfitters.
The report also showed that younger Coloradans are willing to save more as compared to older Coloradans as they are more nervous about the security of their retirement.”