Research May 2022

The Missing Middle: How Tax Incentives for Retirement Savings Leave Middle-Class Families Behind

This report documents how current tax incentives fail to promote adequate retirement security for the middle class. It considers the impact of factors including marginal tax rates, retirement plan participation, and income distribution on retirement saving levels. The Missing Middle: How Tax Incentives For Retirement Savings Leave Middle Class Families Behind also offers potential solutions […]

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Press Release May 26, 2022

Retirement Savings Tax Breaks Leave Middle Class Households Behind

Retirement Savings Tax Breaks Leave Middle Class Households Behind Prioritizing Policies to Help Middle Class Families Can Help Address the Nation’s Retirement Savings Shortfall   Webinar on June 2nd to Review Findings WASHINGTON, D.C., May 26, 2022 – A new report finds that the tax breaks designed to increase Americans’ retirement savings disproportionately benefit high […]

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In the News

Retirement is expensive. Pensions can help.

In a new Forbes column, Dan Doonan writes that the United States is not the only nation facing a retirement savings crisis. He says that many advanced, post-industrial democracies are struggling with similar challenges presented by an aging population. And just like in the U.S., these countries may have a variety of different retirement savings […]

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Winners Announced of 2022 Innovative Pension Funding Award

The National Institute on Retirement Security and the Conference of Consulting Actuaries have announced 3 winners of a new public pension funding competition and award: Innovative Public Pension Funding Strategies.

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