Research January 2020

Examining the Nest Egg: The Sources of Retirement Income for Older Americans

A new report finds that a large portion (40 percent) of older Americans rely only on Social Security income in retirement while only a small percentage of older Americans (seven percent) receive income from Social Security, a defined benefit pension, and a defined contribution account. Retirement income from these three sources is widely considered to […]

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Press Release January 13, 2020

New Report: 40% of Older Americans Rely Solely on Social Security for Retirement Income

Only 7% of Retirees Have Ideal Situation of Income from Three Sources: Social Security, a Pension and Savings  Social Security Kept More Than 7.5 Million Households Out of Poverty, Reduced Public Assistance Costs by $10 billion in 2013  Pensions Kept Nearly One Million Retirees Out of Poverty, Reduced Public Assistance Costs by $4 Billion in […]

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In the News

Here’s where most Americans are really getting their retirement income

CNBC reports that retirement income is often thought to come from three sources: Social Security, pensions and savings. “That combination is often called a three-legged stool, a metaphor for the money retirees use to support themselves once they are no longer working full time. However, a new report finds that very few retirees actually have […]

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NIRS Rebuts Claims on Americans' Retirement Readiness

In response to a column that appeared in The Los Angeles Times, NIRS submitted a letter to the editor rebutting claims that Americans are sufficiently prepared for retirement.

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