Research September 2020

The Growing Burden of Retirement: Rising Costs and More Risk Increase Uncertainty

The burden of preparing for retirement is increasing as workers face more risk and rising costs. Escalating housing, healthcare, and long-term care costs in retirement are creating retirement obstacles for Americans. Also, the shift from pensions to 401(k) plans has pushed more retirement risk onto workers. These findings will be detailed in a new study, […]

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Press Release September 8, 2020

Rising Risk & Escalating Costs Threaten Americans’ Financial Security in Retirement

Rising Risk Coupled with Escalating Housing, Healthcare and Long-Term Care Costs Increasingly Threaten  Americans’ Financial Security in Retirement New Report from the National Institute on Retirement Security Offers Four Policy Solutions to Strengthen Retirement Outcomes Webinar on September 16th to Review Findings WASHINGTON, D.C., September 9, 2020 – The burden of preparing for retirement is […]

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In the News

COVID-19 Recession is Destroying Millennials’ Retirement Dreams

A commentary piece published by MarketWatch, Tyler Bond, NIRS research manager, examines the grim retirement outlook for Millennials. Let’s face it, millennials’ economic outlook has been fragile at best. We graduated from high school and college into a weak job market. The most educated generation in history entered the workforce with unprecedented student debt thanks […]

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NIRS Rebuts New York Times on Public Pensions

NIRS says that calling retirement plans serving 25 million working and retired public employees "time bombs" borders on journalistic malpractice.

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