Research September 2021

Stark Inequality: Financial Asset Inequality Undermines Retirement Security

This report finds that economic inequality continues to grow, with Blacks and Hispanics owning only a sliver of financial assets. Even though the Gen X and Millennial generations are more diverse, whites continue to dominate when it comes to accumulating financial assets. This economic inequality ultimately translates into financial insecurity in retirement, which is exacerbated […]

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Press Release October 14, 2021

Middle Class U.S. Households Have Few Financial Assets

Across Generations, U.S. Middle Class Households Have Few Financial Assets, According to New Analysis from the National Institute on Retirement Security Lack of Assets Will Mean Retirement Insecurity for Middle Class Families WASHINGTON, D.C., October 14, 2021 – A new analysis finds that across generations, middle class households in the U.S. own few financial assets […]

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In the News

Social Security: Just Fix It Already

In a Forbes column, Dan Doonan writes that there are pragmatic solutions to shore up Social Security’s financing. Two approaches that deserve particular consideration: addressing the “tax max” issue and increasing contributions. Whatever the solution, policymakers must act now. If we get to 2033 without action, retirees across the board will see a 24 percent […]

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NEW Competition and Award

The National Institute on Retirement Security and the Conference of Consulting Actuaries have launched a new public pension funding competition and award: Innovative Public Pension Funding Strategies.

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