Research May 2021

The Hybrid Handbook | Not All Hybrids Are Created Equal

Hybrid retirement plans for state and local employees are not new, but these plan designs have received increased attention in recent years as some jurisdictions have sought to modify workforce retirement benefits. A hybrid is not one particular plan design, but instead is an umbrella term capturing a wide range of different plan designs. Some […]

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Press Release March 18, 2021

77% of Americans Support Pensions for All Workers

77 Percent of Americans Support Pensions for All Workers, According to New Research from the National Institute on Retirement Security Americans See Pensions as Important Tool to Recruit & Retain State and Local Public Employees WASHINGTON, D.C., March 18, 2021 – A new national survey finds that 77 percent of Americans agree that all workers, […]

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In the News

For Mother’s Day, Forget the Flowers and Get Retirement Security for Moms

In a Forbes column, NIRS Executive Director Dan Doonan says there is one thing we all can do on Mother’s Day – commit to finding solutions that deliver better retirement security for women. Many Americans are struggling to save for retirement, but women face even higher hurdles.  The causes include the gender pay gap, longer […]

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NIRS Rebuts New York Times on Public Pensions

NIRS says that calling retirement plans serving 25 million working and retired public employees "time bombs" borders on journalistic malpractice.

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