The NIRS Research and Education Fund (NIRS-REF) provides high quality research and analysis to help all Americans achieve retirement security. NIRS-REF is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) organization, supported by contributions and grants.

All Americans – employers, employees, and high-level policy makers – benefit when decisions affecting retirement security are based on unbiased research, solid data and accurate information. That’s why NIRS-REF exists. NIRS-REF conducts original research on retirement issues and the role that defined contribution plans, defined benefit plans, and Social Security play in providing retirement security. Moreover, NIRS-REF works to identify new instruments and mechanisms that will enhance retirement security for all Americans.

Retirement security is critical to older Americans, but it is equally important for the fiscal health of local communities and the larger American economy. Thus, NIRS-REF investigates a wide range of economic issues related to retirement security in connection with its research and education programs.

NIRS-REF broadly disseminates its research findings to policy makers, employers and employees, so that every American can be more informed about retirement issues and better able to enjoy a secure retirement.