Reports May 2022

The Missing Middle: How Tax Incentives for Retirement Savings Leave Middle-Class Families Behind

This report documents how current tax incentives fail to promote adequate retirement security for the middle class. It considers the impact of factors including marginal tax rates, retirement plan participation, and income distribution on retirement saving levels. The Missing Middle: How Tax Incentives For Retirement Savings Leave Middle Class Families Behind also offers potential solutions […]

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Reports February 2022

Americans’ Views of Public School Teachers and Personnel in the Wake of COVID-19

A new national survey finds deep public concern about the K-12 public school workforce. Americans’ Views of Public School Teachers and Personnel in the Wake of COVID-19 finds that eighty-three percent of Americans express concerns about public school staff shortages, while 81 percent are worried about workforce burnout. Conducted by Greenwald Research, this new national […]

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Reports January 2022

A Better Bang for the Buck 3.0

This analysis finds that defined benefit (DB) pension plans offer substantial cost advantages over 401(k)-style defined contribution (DC) accounts. A typical pension has a 49 percent cost advantage as compared to a typical DC account, with the cost advantages stemming from longevity risk pooling, higher investment returns, and optimally balanced investment portfolios. A Better Bang […]

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Issue Briefs November 2021

Americans’ Views of State-Facilitated Retirement Programs

A national survey finds strong support for new state-facilitated retirement programs aimed at helping workers without employer-provided plans save for retirement. Americans’ Views of State-Facilitated Retirement Programs finds: The vast majority of Americans (72 percent) agree that state-facilitated retirement programs are a good idea. There is high support across party and generational lines, with support […]

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Reports September 2021

Stark Inequality: Financial Asset Inequality Undermines Retirement Security

This report finds that economic inequality continues to grow, with Blacks and Hispanics owning only a sliver of financial assets. Even though the Gen X and Millennial generations are more diverse, whites continue to dominate when it comes to accumulating financial assets. This economic inequality ultimately translates into financial insecurity in retirement, which is exacerbated […]

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Issue Briefs July 2021

Generational Views of Retirement in the U.S.

A national survey finds that Millennials and Generation X are more worried about retirement as compared to older generations. Sixty-four percent of Millennials and 54 percent of Generation X are more concerned about their retirement security in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The level of concern is at 42 percent for Baby Boomers and […]

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