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  • In the NewsMarch 27, 2023

    There’s A New Retirement Normal For Public Employees: Supplemental Savings

    In a Forbes column, NIRS Executive Director Dan Doonan writes that one segment of the workforce has been on stable ground when it comes to retirement: the state and local government workforce. Today, the vast majority of state and local workers have a defined benefit (DB) pension, and nearly three-fourths of public employees participate in […]

  • In the NewsFebruary 22, 2023

    Do Americans Need A Retirement Reboot?

    In a Forbes column, NIRS Executive Director Dan Doonan interview veteran financial journalist Mark Miller about his new book, Retirement Reboot: Commonsense Financial Strategies for Getting Back on Track . The book serves as a guide for the millions of Americans who just aren’t financially prepared for retirement. He offers insight on how to make […]

  • In the NewsJanuary 31, 2023

    Pension Income Bolstered A Struggling COVID-19 Economy

    In a Forbes column, NIRS Executive Director Dan Doonan writes that during the unprecedented COVID-19 global health and economic crisis, pension funds remained a stable and reliable source of income for retirees. More specifically, pension plans paid out $612.6 billion in retirement income to nearly 25 million public and private sector retirees in communities across […]

  • In the NewsDecember 14, 2022

    False alarms distract from real retirement challenges

    In a Forbes column, Dan Doonan writes that despite economic challenges, public pension plans in the U.S. have remained resilient. In fact, many plans remain at their highest funded levels in years, even with more conservative investment return assumptions. The strength and resiliency of these retirement plans can be attributed, at least in part, to […]

  • In the NewsAugust 22, 2022

    Public Pension Benefits Support Small Towns Across America

    Public pension benefits provide a vital source of retirement security to the retired public employees who earned them during their years of public service. But the impact of public pension benefits goes beyond the retirees, spouses, and other beneficiaries of these plans. These benefit dollars also play a critical role in supporting local economies, especially […]

  • In the NewsJuly 1, 2022

    The Middle Class Is Missing Out On Retirement Savings

    Saving for retirement is one of the biggest financial challenges most working families will face. People are living longer, which means more years of retirement to pay for. Costs for healthcare and long-term care remain high. Meanwhile, incomes are being squeezed by higher inflation and rising costs for housing, college, and other major life expenses. […]

  • In the NewsMay 6, 2022

    What Mothers Need To Know About Retirement

    We’ve all heard the old adage, “A mother’s work is never done.” From surviving sleepless nights with a newborn, to navigating the tumultuous teen years, to gently guiding adult children through life’s challenges, a mother’s job is forever. Another complexity for mothers is safeguarding their family’s financial security while also saving enough for their own […]

  • In the NewsMay 6, 2022

    We Need More Teachers. Retirement Benefits Help

    Pension benefits are important for providing retirement security to teachers, but their value goes beyond that. Teacher pay often is lower when compared to others with similar educational credentials, and solid benefits can help close that compensation gap. Additionally, pensions act as magnets for keeping career teachers in the classroom. Pension benefits are accumulated over […]

  • In the NewsNovember 1, 2021

    Retirement is Expensive. Pensions Can Help.

    In a new Forbes column, Dan Doonan writes that the United States is not the only nation facing a retirement savings crisis. He says that many advanced, post-industrial democracies are struggling with similar challenges presented by an aging population. And just like in the U.S., these countries may have a variety of different retirement savings […]