Issue Briefs October 2011

The Three Rs of Teacher Pension Plans: Recruitment, Retention, and Retirement

This report analyzes the effectiveness of defined benefit (DB) pensions on teacher retention and productivity finds that pensions play a critical role in recruiting and retaining productive teachers.

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Reports September 2011

Decisions, Decisions: Retirement Plan Choices for Public Employees and Employers

This study analyzes seven state retirement systems that offer a choice between DB and DC plans to find that workers strongly prefer DB plans over DC plans.

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Reports June 2011

Lessons from Well-Funded Public Pensions: An Analysis of Six Plans that Weathered the Financial Storm

This report examines selected statewide public pension plans to identify common elements that led these plans to remain well-funded despite two severe economic downturns.

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Reports March 2011

Pensions and Retirement Security 2011: A Roadmap for Policy Makers

This nationwide public opinion poll measures how Americans feel about their financial security in retirement and assesses their views on policies that could improve their retirement outlook.

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Issue Briefs March 2011

Who Killed the Private Sector DB Plan?

This report examines why DB pension plan coverage has declined for private sector workers. It finds that funding volatility is the primary culprit, not pension costs.

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Reports April 2010

Out of Balance? Comparing Public and Private Sector Compensation over 20 Years

This report examines the compensation gap between employees of state & local governments and comparable private sector employees. Analysis spanning two decades shows the pay gap has widened in recent years.

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